Which deadly disease would have sent you to an early grave in Olde Edinburgh?

To find out what deadly disease would have got you in days gone by – and see what you’d look like after your own deadly makeover - simply upload a photo of yourself and then answer our quick quiz! Your fate awaits….

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  • 50 plus
  • 26 - 50
  • Under 25
  • The Countryside
  • A town or city
  • On the coast
  • I'm with someone and we're happily in love
  • I'm strong, independent and single
  • I'm dating but I'm not ready to settle yet
  • I love seeking out quirky items in vintage/charity shops
  • Normal highstreet shops are good enough for me
  • Only the best designer labels and boutiques for me, darling!
  • Nothing beats a cup of tea
  • Good, old-fashioned tap water is the best for quenching thirst
  • A can of my favourite fizzy drink